Gaston Ponte

Gaston Ponte is a Producer born in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He knew the world of electronic music at 17 years of age. He began his musical career in 2017 as a producer thanks to the help of his teacher Andrea Cassino, whom he greatly admires as an artist. He was very influential in artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Guy j, Rick Pier O'Neil, Christopher Lawrence, John 00'Fleming and many other artists. His musical tastes are more on the Progressive House side, but he also likes genres like Techno and Psy Trance. His productions were published on major labels such as Soundteller Records, Stellar Fountain, Clinique Recordings, Massive Harmony, Cloud Music Records, 3xA Music and Sbert Records. Granted by the support of Hernan Cattaneo in several residents.